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Solar power to the people: green energy could boost African development

Sub-Saharan Africa’s lack of electricity is hindering development but this can be reversed if countries turn to ambitious, large-scale renewable energy projects, an environmental think tank suggests.

The region – home to 41% of the world’s […]

Renewable energy will power Africa’s ambitious future

It’s time to prove wrong the widely held stereotype about renewable energy only being for rich countries.

As a native of Kenya, I am fortunate to have personal experience of how renewable energy can transform a […]

3 Reasons Why Africa Is Going Solar

in many ways, Africa is the final frontier. Although humans originated from Africa, technology is often the last to come to Africa.

In the West, we take light bulbs, refrigerators, and other appliances for granted. […]

Study Identifies Best Energy Generation Options for Africa, Solar Wins

A new article by the Joint Research Center (JRC), the European Union’s in-house scientific service, seems to confirm that the solution to the Africa’s energy problems lies with renewable energy sources. For instance, calculations show […]

Analysis: Renewable Energy Development in Africa

Not only energy’s future, but also Africa’s entire continent will be based on using renewable energy sources. Many countries (although slowly) are investing in the energy industry, but as of today, the African power grid […]

Ethiopia Spearheads Green Energy in Africa

From the sky, the 84 glimmering white turbines at Ashegoda wind farm shoot up from the ground like massive spokes, standing out high amid vast expanses of yellow wheat. Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region, mostly populated […]

Solar power ‘finally comes home’

It seems appropriate that it is a scorching hot day in the Karoo when South Africa celebrates the first “sun” energy to zip past on its national grid after years of planning and negotiations.

“It’s like […]

Solar Power: The Future Energy Resource For Africa

I always find it difficult to answer people the question: How much does PV system cost? The cost of PV-systems depends on lots of factors. I hope my reasons for not being able to answer […]