We Are Dedicated To improve Africa’s green energy future

Renewable energy is revolutionizing the energy market at a time when change is most needed. With its engineering expertise in the production of solar electricity, GTA is contributing to a successful transition to a new energy model that is smarter, more reliable and more economic.

What’s special about GTA is its energy. We’re talking about solar energy, of course, and our specializations in photovoltaic technology to become a major player in energy engineering and provide competitive electricity responding to today’s energy challenges for as many consumers as possible worldwide.  The rising cost of traditionally generated electricity,
the dramatic growth of the solar power industry and the increasing affordability of solar energy, as well as other types of renewable energy sources, are now challenging current economic thinking.  As it becomes less expensive, solar electricity is no longer a utopian dream but is now recognized as a clean, abundantly available, locally produced, competitive type of energy.
To create value for our clients by successfully harnessing the ability of our highly skilled multi-disciplinary engineering team in the design, delivery and operation of high quality sustainable energy solutions worldwide.
  • Deliver excellence in terms of technical quality, service, safety and value.
  • Maintain our flexibility and adaptability as we continue to grow.
  • Maintain our integrity at all times and communicate openly.
  • Drive to achieve progress for our clients and our planet.
  • Respect other people, communities and our environment.
Green Technology Africa works to:

  • Achieve grid parity (with the price of photovoltaic electricity equal to that of conventionally produced electricity) in order to provide competitive energy for all consumers;
  • Make solar electricity the cheapest available type of power in order to represent a significant percentage of the energy mix.

Solutions From Nature

GTA unleashes the power of your clean energy potential. From empty to expansive solar farms,]we expertly assess every site to ensure maximum solar optimization. We strive for maximum efficiency and energy output Lowered energy expenses and working towards maximum return on investment.

Complete Energy Solution For All

At GTA, we believe a green world is a better business world. Our turnkey solutions help governments and corporations deploy green energy and decrease their carbon footprint. Maxsimizing investment with proven, world-class quality, solar panels made by the world’s foremost leader renewable technology.

The energy provided by GTA springs from our understanding that developing solar electricity means ensuring:

End-to-End Management

Full management of the whole solar power value chain, from the manufacture of solar panels to the sale of electricity itself.


The industrial development of every link of the value chain; along with all aspects of project management and financial engineering;


The operation of installations on the lines of a smart grid so as to produce solar electric power that is reliable, efficient and geared to meeting grid requirements..

Executive Team

GTA’s leadership team has a proven track record spanning several years delivering highly engineered systems that are very cost sensitive and highly reliable in renewable energy engineering field. With over 20 years of combined green energy and management and work in a creative, collaborative, engaged and results-oriented environment.

Dereje Mesfin
Dereje MesfinChief Executive Officer
Accomplished financial professional with extensive hands-on experience in diverse fields.
Dawit Teshome
Dawit TeshomeChief Technology Officer
A seasoned renewable energy consultant with over 12 years of professional experience in large-scale energy projects.