We offer integrated Technical and Engineering Consulting Services

Green Technology Africa, Inc. provides unparalleled consulting services in studying the technical and economic feasibility as well as engineering and design of distributed generation. GTA’s experience with distribution system studies, bonded with our expertise in renewable generation integration, provides the skills necessary to address all the following when it comes to integrating distributed generation on the grid.

  • Independent identification and evaluation of technical and commercial risk and the implementation of practical and cost-effective renewable energy systems.
  • Undertake key steps in the feasibility phase of a potential project including, analyzing the constraints, risks and impacts of a project.
  • Develop sustainable energy strategies and making smart portfolio choices to understand and effectively use clean and renewable sources of energy with sustainability, bringing an understanding of energy-unique concerns.
  • Provide custom analyses to help stakeholders understand the economics of renewables and energy efficiency to support the decision-making process.
  • Study and Identify area for improved productivity utilizing the right technology solution. GTA’s best practices and comprehensive experience around planning, developing, and deploying Turn-key solutions enable us to successfully foster these productivity improvements.

Power Systems Planning & Operations

Green Technology Africa provides unique and powerful set of capabilities and resources to meet the demands of electric utilities in the areas of strategic consulting, system and operational studies, resource planning, and risk management. Using proven-but innovative-processes, rigorous analytical methodologies, and sophisticated software tools, our industry experts provide a wide range of solutions to address emerging transmission, distribution, and generation management needs.

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Full Range of Consulting and Engineering Services

At GTA, offer comprehensive consulting services to support the assessment, development, and implementation of renewable energy projects. Our services effectively take your project from inception through operation. We also support clients in their evaluation of the feasibility of new technologies by assessing technology risks involved with project development, construction, and operation.


  • Market, geographic and  technology evaluation.
  • Business model development, analysis, and strategy
  • Solar and wind market research reports and market analysis


  • Business plan & technology due diligence
  • Renewable Energy Certificate price forecasting
  • National & local regulation policy support and analysis


  • Independent engineer support and red flag project review
  • Transmission and interconnection analysis and procurement support  
  • Purchase Power Agreement (PPA) negotiations


  • Energy generation performance benchmarking
  • Energy production optimization and maintenance
  • Resource, asset, and personnel management

GTA’s Services spans across all aspects of development and integration of renewable energy including Transmission Grid Evaluation, Generator to Grid connection, as well as site and resource assessment.

  • Generation Export Analysis & Analysis of transmission deliverability across networks

  • Generation Interconnection Feasibility Studies

  • Short Circuit and Transient Stability Analysis (System Impact) Studies

  • Transmission mapping of resource sites

  • Special investigation of transmission grid interconnection solutions

  • Recommendations on transmission upgrades and additions

  • Evaluation of wheeling charges, congestion, and losses

  • Estimation of electricity sales price ($/MWhr) using LMP analysis

  • Analysis of voltage flicker on weak transmission or distribution networks

  • Analysis of energy production using manufacturer and industry standard tools based on site location and specifications.

  • Anemometer procurement, Preliminary turbine siting, and Data Monitoring

  • Electrical interconnection system design and One-line diagrams

  • Technical support and interface discussions with transmission providers

  • Critical review of feasibility and system impact studies

  • Interconnection assessment and engineering

  • Plant energy assessment and capacity factor estimate

  • Technology evaluation and selections

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