Is the sun the answer to Africa’s energy problems? Analysts believe solar power could be the world’s largest source of power by 2050.

Deep in northern Kenya, above Napuu Village, there is only the brightest of full moons to light the way.

You can hear the chatter as villagers sit around open fires but with the nearest mains power station more than 200km (124 miles) away, there is nothing else to light up the village.

Here power is a precious thing and only a few can enjoy what many take for granted.

But inside David Lodio’s small home – two rooms made of breeze blocks and mud – there is light.

His family watch television, his six children do their homework without candles. There is no need for expensive kerosene lamps – all because of a single solar panel on his tin roof.

“When we started using the solar panels, life changed in a good way,” says Mr Lodio.

“When we started using these panels, the children could do their homework well, the children could watch the news and football on TV. I am seeing my children reading and writing well,” he explains.

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