Green Technology Africa Inc. is a full-spectrum renewable energy company, offering a complete package of services.

We offer a complete range of renewable energy services, The various stages of planning, financing, and maintaining a renewable power system are easy and efficient with GTA’s full service project management model. Our teams are committed to customer service and bring years of experience to every project.

Project Development

A Robust Portfolio of Innovative Solar Energy Power System Development

Whether you aim to own and operate centralized utility-scale solar power plants, procure solar energy contracts, or craft programs to offer solar directly to your customers, GTA delivers the diversified experience required to customize an energy solution that meets your goals.

Quality Driven; Experienced Team

We bring experience, attention to detail and value engineering to solar project, from modules and inverters to nuts and bolts. Nothing is left unturned from weather patterns, local climates, shading, and pollutants that can affect the installation’s energy production.

GTA provides solar energy engineering, design, and build services. Its solar energy product development expertise may be applied in numerous ways to generate high power solar systems.

Solar Power System

Vertically Integrated Development

We own every step of the process, from cell manufacturing to plant construction and operation. This vertical integration gives SunPower the ability to drive closed loop feedback into every step of the process. Through continuous learning and improvement we consistently deliver high-quality, energy solutions.

All of our projects begin with a thorough due diligence process to reveal the constraints and opportunities of each site. We understand the success of a project is dependent on many factors, and invest the time researching and conducting feasibility studies. It also means we have the opportunity to innovate. We stay engaged with advancements in the solar industry and are often pushing the envelope on solar energy projects.

GTA is founded on building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders involved in each project. We understand that incorporating solar energy into a business or land owners’ investment portfolio is more than an environmental decision. It’s a business decision. We are committed to our customers and project partners to develop the best system to meet everyone’s goals.

Key to any successful solar energy project is to ensure that the solar PV system balances solar optimization, economics and rigorous engineering specifications. GTA tailors solar energy solutions to meet each project’s specific needs.

GTA leverages best practices, working with its professional partners and an experienced in-house engineering & project management team to design the optimal system. Each system is professionally engineered to comply with standards for electrical and structural requirements.

Quality construction management is paramount to all PV solar installations. GTA’s process starts with the evaluation and procurement of the best materials and equipment, and carries through to the management and inspection of the construction process

We continue to carefully manage the interconnection and commissioning process with the grid, until the system is ready to be turned on. Our precise work and careful attention to the solar installation process, results in a renewable energy investment capable of solar energy production for extended period.

Beyond the quality installation, is the ongoing monitoring and management of the system. GTA provides real-time reporting coupled with ongoing production tracking to ensure that each solar system is achieving its optimal production.

Solar energy systems need to be proactively managed and maintained to ensure optimal electric production. GTA provides this ongoing value-added service as part of its turnkey solution.

While solar energy systems are fairly passive in their operation, we have found that providing some fundamental maintenance and inspection will ensure years of optimal production.

GTA provides a suite of services to properly maintain your solar energy system, and help optimize your renewable energy investment. Including:

  • Conduct maintenance services, measure inverter output, and monitor system components.
  • Repair damaged components to bring the system back into production in a timely manner.
  • Perform thorough cleaning of the solar panels to improvement in production.

Highlight of Solar Services

  • Due diligence and Feasibility Study
  • Technology evaluation and selection
  • Balance-of-plant & Foundation design
  • Free support because we care about your site.
  • Constant updates bring new functionality.
  • Power elite author gives you peace of mind.

Giving the Right Direction to Wind Energy

Wind power is a relatively young and growing industry, and one we believe is worth investing in. Wind Energy is solving some of the world’s energy problems by accelerating the adoption of this promising renewable energy source.. Our people are committed to excellence in every aspect of wind design and construction.

Wind Energy is one of the most efficient and successful of all renewable energies. Wind energy plants have experienced tremendous technical progress over the past decades. We are committed to delivering wind energy solutions that enable economic growth while preserving the environment.  Our services include:

  • Comprehensive due diligence, including site screening and feasibility.
  • Accurate resource and interconnection assessment.
  • Design & Energy assessment with optimal project design for long-term energy production.
  • Grid integration support to assess the risks and impacts on the grid.

Project Development Support

Take advantage of the best available data, software, and expertise. Cutting corners at any stage in the development process can lead to a disappointing outcome. At GTA, we offer the full range of high-quality, science-based services a project success requires.

Independant Engineering

Understanding and mitigating the risks associated with wind energy projects is critical for all stakeholders. Our experienced renewable energy technical advisors, GTA provides comprehensive, flexible and timely due diligence services.

Performance Assessment

Good economic performance of a project is not a matter of chance. We are committed to developing innovative evaluation methods to understand performance, manage expectations of operational plants and identify opportunities for performance improvement.

GTA is dedicated to providing sustainable and flexible solutions for meeting waste processing needs and providing optimal energy production.

GTA follows a cooperative, phased approach to developing its integrated waste processing and energy conversion systems. We tailor to the unique needs and parameters of each stakeholder. This process, which begins upon execution of a formal agreement, provides efficiency and cost savings to projects through a progressive refinement of technical and business issues during each phase to achieve optimal results.

  • inital development of the project scope, conceptual facility design, estimated timelines, and a preliminary cost estimate for the design and installation of the project
  • Provide support for system operation as well as guidance in completing applications, performing due diligence, and moving through the review process.

  • Prepare the front-end engineering design (FEED) for construction and installation of the Project. In addition to refining the project’s key engineering, equipment, and construction requirements to insure that the project scope, cost, and performance requirement.
  • Provide all technical expertise and knowledge to the construction phase and serves as the project manager in overseeing the installation of the System from a technical perspective.

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